Social Media Company Profiles

Any company that is successful is likely to find some of its competitors feeding off the success of the brand. What exactly do I mean by that?
Take Lead Forensics as an example. They offer a premium service that helps businesses use lead generation software to help improve businesses sales leads. They are hugely successful and because of this other companies that aren’t as successful use the Lead Forensics brand to try and obtain page 1 listings on Google.

Luckily for Lead Forensics they have lots of partners that offer their service and these partners therefore have a landing page for the Lead Forensics service which if they are actively promoting this service will also likely achieve a high ranking in Google.

The Doncaster Chamber of commerce offer their customers an exclusive 2 week free trial of the Lead Forensics lead generation software.
If you would like to know more about Lead Forensics then this introduction to Lead Forensics is a good place to start.

Youtube is a great way to show a different audience what your business can do. We have just launched our Lojix Youtube channel.

Which web design company is a great website that allows you to showcase your business and show potential customers examples of your work. This is our Lojix profile on there website.

Pinterest is also great for getting your content out there in front of people. Pins such as these showcase Boss Training’s asbestos removal training course.

UK Business forums is a great place to let people know about your company. They have various packages and I would recommend at least going for the £30 a year option as this allows you to add your business to their business directory. The £99 per year option gets you lots of discounts to business meetings and discounts on certain products.