There has been no bigger trend in online marketing strategy than the growth in the role of Social Media.

The way we at Binary Digital approach Social Media strategy is, we like to think, more intelligent and subtle than our competitors. We implement a 6 point approach as rushing in to Social Media unplanned is a recipe for disaster.

  1. Construct an ark: Social Media is relevant in all facets of your business and as such its strategy needs to be fluid and as such a diverse team should be involved
  1. Training: With this in mind, it is vital that the relevant personnel is well versed in the ‘dos and don’ts of Social Media.
  1. Listen to your customers: The customer, as we all know is always right and this crosses over to Social Media and in particular which avenues they think you should pursue
  1. Decide on a focal point: Do you want your Social Media to create awareness of your brand, target sales or garner customer loyalty? A suck it and see approach just won’t cut it here
  1. Come up with metrics for measuring success: It’s no use having great Social Media if you don’t know how great it is or why!
  1. Decide how to you humanise your company: Social Media demands personality. We will need to decide what your company’s personality should look like. This is a great opportunity to tie Social Media in to your brand